Today’s comic: SEXTING


Yes, this is a hilarious joke… it’s probably happened to you… but the best part is that you get to see Gypsy’s boobs. Finally our prayers have been answered! Originally this gag wasn’t about sexting, but the original idea wasn’t funny enough.  This idea made me laugh, so I went with it.

I tried posting this to the iphone subreddit, where it was negatively received.  Apparently they didn’t see the relevance to smartphones.  at least a few people in the comics and webcomics subreddits liked it.

In other news… “New Star Wars Day” is this week!  I’m excited and scared at the same time. We’re all hyped! It looks like it will be amazing! But I’m afraid to hear the reviews from those who see it opening night. *Fingers Crossed*

↓ Transcript

GYPSY: "I Don't know. I've never done that before..."
JACK: "Oh, come on! Everyone does it! Show me yer BEWBS!!"
GYPSY: "OMG OMG OMG!!! I Can't believe I'm doing this!! AAAAAAA!!... Ok now you have to send ME one!! Fair's fair!!"
CHIP: "Jack, where you at?"
JACK: "Oh, I'll SHOW you where I'm AT, Girl..."