Below are videos of the creation of some “Skitter” comic strips as well as just-for-fun videos.  More are added all the time!

Luna Meets A Fairy!

Skitter Video Comic Strips Collection #1

Skitter Magnets

Skitter Mug Drawing

First Skitter Comic Con Table

Foam Core Comics


After drawing a comic about Madurodam, Skitter fan Jasper visited the place and took video! Which I edited together…

Unveiling the new Skitter Banner!

TIME LAPSE: “Fly Trap”


INSTAGRAM Patreon Promo

INSTAGRAM “Drink Me” video

INSTAGRAM “Introduction” video

INSTAGRAM “Some Fool Spider” video

INSTAGRAM “Purple Haze” video

INSTAGRAM “Skitter” video

INSTAGRAM “Hackers” video

INSTAGRAM “Along Came A Spider”

INSTAGRAM “Along Came A Spider 2”

INSTAGRAM “Lightsabers”

DRAWING “SKITTER” 2015-10-15

DRAWING “SKITTER” 2015-10-14

TIME LAPSE: “Weed Woman”

TIME LAPSE: “Pooping With A Smartphone”

TIME LAPSE: “Bill  Murray Jesus”

TIME LAPSE: “Furry Road”

TIME LAPSE: “Eight Legged Freak”

TIME LAPSE: “Customer Support”

TIME LAPSE: “Baseball”