“Skitter” is a humorous comic strip about the absurd misadventures of a group of mischievous bugs.

Meet Jack the spider, Chip the cricket, Gypsy the moth, and Luna the human girl.

The original idea for Skitter came to me in, I think, 1990 when I was dreaming up an idea for a video game.  It was my answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The difference was that, instead of turtles, they were bugs: A spider, a cricket, a cockroach, and a grasshopper.  They weren’t ninjas, they were military, sporting army helmets and machine guns.  I supposed Desert Storm influenced me.

Although I drew up some sketches of the characters, I never proposed the idea to anyone.

25 years later, having decided to start a webcomic, I dug up that old bug idea, revamped the character designs a bit, and called it “Skitter”.

Skitter has become a passion for me. I love writing and drawing it, as well as creating all the other elements related to it, like videos and the Skitter iPhone app

I hope you enjoy Skitter as much as I do!