TODAY’S COMIC: “Anonymous”

I hope Anonymous isn’t pissed that I parodied them. H- hey, guys… it’s all in fun, right?

//*** We  aRe  AnOniMous..//**  We  nOw hAvE  cOmplEte CoNtrol  oF  yOur  sKittEr  CoMic  WeB  siTe /”** ///  yOur ComIc  sUckS, BTW*//  noT  fUnnY  aT  All  */*/**


I bet they’re the ones who hacked the Skitter servers way back when! Check out their handiwork here!

The hardest part about drawing this comic was getting the mask right. It’s so iconic and has to exude that confident, snarky attitude. People have to recognize it instantly.  I think I got it well enough, but you be the judge.


This weekend I uploaded 2 new comics that my $1+ Patreon patrons can see way before the rest of the world.

I also uploaded 2 new time-lapse videos of the creation of 3 comics (two are on one video) that only my $5+ patrons can see. I’m working on a few more that I’ll have ready for next weekend.Patreon Video - Girl Legos

See you Thursday!