I recently heard someone say, “If I could be anyone for one hour, I’d be Bill Gates! I’d just transfer all his money to me!”  
I thought, “Damn! That should be a comic strip!”  
So I made one.
Then, having already completed it, I got a funny feeling that this might be a joke that’s been around a while.  Probably been repeated many times.  
I Googled it.
Turns out it’s been around since AT LEAST the early 2000’s.  
Feeling stupid for doing a strip that’s basically a rip-off of an old joke, I decided to make up for it by doing some “If you could be anyone-” jokes of my own.  Skitter-style.
Enjoy the following 3 strips!
John Vogel white
P.S. Originally I intended to make Bill Gates look a bit like Jack with 4 arms, 4 eyes, and Jack’s hair.  The hair is still there, as are the extra arms – although they just look like a frenzied TWO arms.  I got rid of the 4-eyed glasses, though.  It just seemed too confusing.
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