I’ve been researching Bitcoin for a while now and I still can’t figure out what the big deal is.  Nor can I figure out how something that doesn’t exist can have a value. If you want virtual money… you already have it.  I rarely have cash.  I never carry gold. My paycheck is auto-deposited. Almost all my transactions are done digitally with cards or on my bank’s website. My money is virtual.

I understand that Bitcoin has the advantage of being private and not regulated by a government.  As a means to transfer value, I like it. But the fact that this non-existent currency is trading like a stock is insanity!  Imagine one day all your dollars are worth $100, the next $1000, and the next $1.  How can you purchase goods and services with that kind of instability?

And new cryptocurrencies are being created out of thin air all the time.  Which ones will be accepted everywhere?

What happens when Bitcoin falls out of favor for a different currency?

What happens if a flaw in the “code” is discovered? Or if a better system is discovered?


Gold has none of those issues. Gold is real. It’s rare. No one can make it. There aren’t different golds out there to choose from. And it’s universally accepted.

Maybe some day the value of a bitcoin will stabilize. Then it might be a useful form of exchange.  Until then, you’re trading your hard earned gold for… nothing.

( Ok, yeah, we all use paper money, not gold. But maybe we should rethink that as well )

And now for something completely different…

OMG… just as I was typing in the last entry that my new Wacom was kicking ass… it bricked. I was finally at a point where I could use it and not need to rely on my older, slower backup Wacom… had just crossed the finish line… and the Fates pulled the rug out from under me.

So now I’m scrambling yet again to get back up and running on my old Wacom. Please excuse any further delays. This series 1 Cintique Companion is really slow.

Wacom’s Mobilestudio Pro is a really nice machine…. If it would only work.

Yours in anger,



Wacom sent me a new Mobilestudio Pro and it works fine!

John Vogel white