“Game over, man! GAME OVER!”

I’m sure some people will get the movie references in this comic.  I’m also sure some people won’t.  It’s sort of a combination of “Wizard of Oz ” and “Aliens “.  If you aren’t familiar with “Aliens”, however, here are a couple brief videos to help introduce you to one of the greatest movies of all time:

“I’m Hudson, Sir…”   

“Any questions?…”

Back in the Midway days of my gaming career, we would regularly quote “Aliens”.  Hudson had the best lines.  It’s funny how such an obnoxious jerk of a character could be so beloved.

RIP, Bill Paxton

John Vogel white

P.S. A “chigger ” is an insect.  Seemed to fit the Skitter bug theme while still keeping with the movie quote.  I’ve never seen a chigger, but I have a lot of childhood memories of my mom warning against getting “chigger bites”.


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