Ok, when I created this strip, about a month ago, COVID-19 was still pretty much limited to China.  Today… South Korea is screwed and Iran and Italy are in complete meltdown. Europe and the US are on the verge of our own disasters.

This virus moves FAST!!

I remember when it first broke out in Wuhan thinking “Well, at least it’s on tbe other side of the planet.  It’ll take a while to get-”  BOOM! It was in the town next to mine. Within probably a couple weeks.

Over the past month I’ve been stocking up on food ( and, yes, toilet paper ) I started early enough that hand sanitizer was still readily available at Costco.  No one was concerned at that time.

I was.

Tonight, as I write this, President Trump announced stopping all travel from the outside world.

Shit is hitting the fan.  Glad I stocked up on TP!

John Vogel