I wish there was a failsafe to prevent this coronavirus from spreading.

Things keep getting worse.  Today, the Dow finally erased all the gains the Trump presidency gave us. And it’s probably going lower from here.

I’ve been working from home in my basement lair with the news on all day.  Waiting for the inevitable lockdown that I’ve been expecting since it happened to Wuhan.

It still seems like people don’t get that there’s a pandemic and it’s HERE.  Still lots of people out and about.  Nobody is wearing masks.  Maybe because nobody has any.

Yesterday I went out to pick up pizza wearing a black N95 mask I bought over a month ago.  The guys that work there probably thought I was gonna rob the place when I showed up.  To make light of my appearance, I’ve adopted the greeting, “Trick or treat!”.

Today our studio was officially closed.  No one is allowed in unless completely necessary.  I figured someone must know something.  Shortly after that I got ‘secret’ word about what that likely is…

The lockdown IS coming

John Vogel