It’s monstrously delicious!

Although I put ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘lemonade’ together randomly I wonder what a monstrous beverage like that would taste like.

This comic is almost word-for-word a real conversation between Kate, Luna, and myself just after finishing a meal. The only difference is that I said something like, “Luna repeats anything we tell her to say.”

And we really do have to watch what we say.  No swearing.  Luna’s been a little parrot now that she’s turned 3.  Everything she hears on TV she recites. It’s extremely cute,  but so dangerous.

I remember driving with my brother when my nephew was about this age.  My brother shouted at someone who cut him off, “What an ASSHOLE!”  My nephew chimed in from the back seat,  “What an asshole.”

To redirect and help him forget the bad word, I blurted something that sounded similar but was completely harmless, “Razzle Dazzle!”   My nephew repeated, “Razzle Dazzle!”

Uncle John saves the day!

John Vogel white

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