So these fidget spinners  are starting to pop up in my household.  My first reaction was to scoff, “Oh god… another goofy fad.”  But while I was finishing drawing this strip, one of these gizmos was staring at me from across the kitchen table… taunting… teasing…

I tried it out.   It was actually quite pleasant.  And tilting it slightly back and forth produces that eerie gyroscopic pressure.  It’s still on the table before me as I write this.  I’m gonna try it again.   I… the thing is………… if you……………….. uuuuhhhhhhh…..

Ok, gotta snap out of it.  Back to writing…

So, I found this article  about why these toys are so popular.  If you click the link, you may hit a landing page first.  Just click the “go to article” link if you do.

I don’t know if I’m gonna buy one.  I’m a bit resistant to succumbing to fads.  And I’m always busy, not fidgety.  These days I don’t sit around letting my thoughts wander… unless it’s in search of the next Skitter strip idea.

But then, who knows? Maybe a fidget spinner is just what I need to brainstorm more comic strip craziness.

John Vogel white

( Shout Out to Josh T!  Check out his documentary !)


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