Giant monsters?!  Yet another movie reference in this mini story. This one might not be so obvious since it’s from a flick that not a lot of folks have seen called “Pacific Rim”.  I liked this movie, and its sequel, which had some really impressive giant monster/robot fight scenes.
What’s hilarious about this strip – to me – is the idea that “boats” are in peril. Initially the dialogue was “all life on Earth”. When I limited it to just “boats”… Not even ships… Just boats… It cracked me up. It seemed like something a kid Luna’s age would say.

John Vogel white

Speakin’ of movies, check out this strip parodying a different monster flick…

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↓ Transcript
Ro-Bugs! Giant monsters are rising up from a crack in the ocean floor...
Creating whirlpools...
Destroying all boats.

Defeating them will be perilous... But we're the only ones who can do it.

So, let's kick some monster butt! Head for that whurlpool!

Whirl... Whirlpool?