TODAY’S COMIC: “Girl Legos”

When I was a kid, there were no “girl legos”, there were just “Legos“.  I didn’t know any girls who played with them.  Now there are these… dollies… that are somehow associated with the Lego brand. They present it as a toy you can build things with, but the emphasis seems to be on ‘playing house’, not ‘building houses’. It’s kinda sad.

Kate’s daughters like to build stuff with the regular, old-fashioned kind.  I think that’s pretty cool.  I hope when Luna (the real Luna) gets old enough, she chooses the real Legos and not the dolly type.  So far she’s into the Lego movie, which she calls, “Yego!”


I submitted my Patreon page to be critiqued by Brad Guigar on  I knew it needed an overhaul and, since he was offering, it seemed a great opportunity to get his thoughts before I made the changes.

WOW did he hate my Patreon.  He smote its ruin on the mountainside like a wizard smites a balrog. No punches were pulled; or if they were those punches must have been massive. But all his points were completely valid.  My Patreon page stunk.

So I overhauled it based on the critique.  I think it’s much better as a result. Thank you, Brad!

You can all see it by clicking here.


Enjoy today’s Comic!

– John



LUNA: “‘Girl’ Legos?… ‘Boy’ Legos… “