TODAY’S COMIC: “Horrible Day”

Have you ever had a horrible day?  Not me.  Every day for me is like a day on the farm. It’s all sunshine and I’m always whistlin’………… Not buyin’ it, huh?  My audience is too damned smart.

Chip’s day is bad and about to get much much worse.

I had a lot of fun drawing the birds.  These are birds I see every day in the summer: Robin, redwing blackbird… I think the blue jay and cardinal stick around all year and don’t migrate.

I did record this strip as I drew it, but I started maybe halfway in.  I’m not sure if I’m gonna post that video or not.  Maybe if you guys ask really really nicely.





CHIP: “What a HORRIBLE DAY!  Nothing could make this day any worse… Absolutely NOTHING!”