Hey, guys,
If you like Skitter, one way to show your appreciation is to vote for it on Top WebComics!  It’s a Webcomic directory that displays the comics with the most votes at the top of their list.  TWC is a great tool for increasing Skitter readership.

And you can help!

You can vote for Skitter and push our ranking higher! Best of all, you can vote once every day, so you can really help Skitter’s visibility over and over!!  Just come back to and click the “VOTE” button in the left menu.  At the Top Webcomics web site, select the correct captcha to vote, and you’re done!

Give it a try by clicking the button below!

Thanks in advance if you decide to help out.  I really appreciate it!  Together we can put Skitter on top!

John Vogel white