I got this idea from a strip done by Skitter patron and fellow comic strip creator, James Boyd and his co-creator Saad Azim.  At first, I thought Sunny (the egg) was visited by his future self. In fact, it was a parallel universe…
So, going with the time travel theme, I thought… “What would Jack do if he traveled back in time to meet his past self?”
The answer: “steal from himself”.  I thought it would be funny if there was a particular fly that he remembered being exceptionally tasty and wanted to relive eating.  He’d gyp his past self out the experience so he could experience it again in his present.  I realize that makes no sense, but it doesn’t have to. It’s a cartoon.
So what would the surprise twist be?  Howbout a third Jack gypping the second Jack out of re-eating the fly? 
Pure comedic genius!
Or at the very least ‘golf-clap-worthy’.
John Vogel white


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