TODAY’S COMIC: “Lightsabers”

You can never have too many lightsabers… So, yeah… seems like each trilogy tries to up the number of blades.  Darth Vader has one, Darth Maul has two, Kylo Ren has three. I think there’s a limit to what is cool.  Three blades is enough.  Any more and it just gets stupid.

Ok, General Grievous had four, but they were single blades.

Why am I spelling all this out?  It should be obvious from the comic.

So I did a little video of this strip for use on Instagram. Yes the music, sound effects, and dialogue are all my voice. Take a look/listen!







“Skitter Wars: Wow! A Lightsaber!”
“Skitter Wars: Wait… Is That A Double Lightsaber?!”
“Skitter Wars: Nothing Can Top A Triple Lightsaber!!”
“Coming Soon…”

↓ Transcript

"Skitter Wars: Wow! A Lightsaber!"
"Skitter Wars: Wait... Is That A Double Lightsaber?!"
"Skitter Wars: Nothing Can Top A Triple Lightsaber!!"
"Coming Soon..."