The original inspiration for this strip came as I was watching “Life Below Zero” and a guy said something like, “To hunt a moose you have to walk like a moose and talk like a moose.” At which point he made moose calls.
The first thing that popped into my head was Bullwinkle and his classic line. This strip was born.
As I was drawing it, Luna sat next to me and read it.  She didn’t get the reference at all.
So I popped on YouTube and searched for the Bullwinkle magic trick.  NOW she gets it.
I don’t think she’d ever seen Bullwinkle and Rocky before.  But she did somehow make the connection to Sherman and Peabody.  Or Peabody and Sherman.  Whatever.
Luna lights up when I show her where the inspiration to my comics comes from.
Same thing happened with the Dr Who one… As well as an upcoming Peter Frampton strip.
Stay tuned for that one.
John Vogel