“I hate Illinois Nazis” – Jake Blues


By now everyone has seen what happened in Charlottesville, NC.  The pics and videos show some really messed up shiznit.

I have a real problem with anyone who defines their political opponents as “Nazis”.  Bush, Obama, and Trump have made mistakes, and Trump is leading the pack on that front, but neither can be compared to the Nazis.

In this situation, however… the opponents actually ARE Nazis!

If you’re on the anti-Nazi side, my advice would be to not play into their hands.  They want a fight. They’re intentionally provoking you to flex their own muscle and possibly recruit others. Physically fighting them makes them “cool” and makes them stronger.  This is the same method Al Qaeda/ISIS uses to recruit.  They’re basically all the same type of organizations.

There are better ways of combating Nazis.  Personally, I like the movement to publicly expose anyone who attended the rally.  Stuff like that makes it “uncool” to be a Nazi.

John Vogel white

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