This week we checked out some preschools for Luna. Really we only visited one because the others were either too expensive or they were kinda weird with us, so we blew them off. One was a church basement.  No thanks.  That’s called “babysitting”.  Or maybe “indoctrinating”.
Kate was reading off the list of possible daycares and the name “Mother’s Touch” came up.  Instantly my sarcastic brain went into action and I blurted out “Uncle’s Touch” as a joke. 
Oh, if only I could figure out a way to make it into a strip.
When we were done, we went back to Kate’s parents’ house to pick up Luna. Kate’s brother, Eric, was in the back yard with her.  We told him the “Uncle’s Touch” joke and he suggested, for a strip, showing me and Kate looking at the “Mother’s Touch” storefront, and in the next panel looking at “Uncle’s Touch”.
So here it is! A joke about an uncle’s daycare – with inspiration from Luna’s uncle – while he was taking care of her during the day – as we looked at daycares
*head spins*
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