Turns out, Red Kryptonite is something that can make Superman act bizarrely.  I didn’t have that in mind when I started this “Red Dye 40” storyline, but it’s a decent comparison. Red Dye 40 makes Luna… the REAL Luna… my daughter… go insane. 
On a different subject, when we were coming up with names for Luna, there would always be someone who would tell us why a name would be bad.  In the case of “Luna”, people might call her “Lunatic”.  
To be honest, I think when she’s older, she might actually like that nickname.  
John Vogel

↓ Transcript
But I wanna be a super hero when I grow up!

You won't

Why not?

Because red dye 40 is your kryptonite... It's gona transform you into me... A maniacal super villain... Lunatic...

Actually, Lunatic is kinda cool!

I know, right?