Have any of you participated in a seance? How many of you believe psychic mediums are real? Like the ones who have TV shows and claim to talk to the dead? I’d like to believe they are real, but they seem too easy to debunk.  And they all have the same techniques when they interact with people.  That, to me, indicates it’s a trick.

Trying To Expand

As I try to expand Skitter’s presence in the public eye, it increases the amount of things I need to do beyond drawing the strip. For example, I created LinkedIn and DiviantArt accounts for Skitter.  Setting those up and adding strips to them was a huge time drain. And creating some vertical versions of *only some* of the strips for use in more mobile-friendly sites was also hugely time consuming.  But it’s all worth it in the end.  The more I do, the more people see Skitter.

Speaking of more people seeing Skitter… MK Dan posted an article on it last week.  Thanks Dan!

Thanks, everyone!  See you Thursday!




↓ Transcript
GYPSY : "A spirit is here with us now and wishes to speak with you, Jack. It's a fly you ate earlier. He's pissed at you for that."

JACK : "OH COME ON! I'm a spider! Eating flies is what I do! I've eaten millions of flies!"

GYPSY : "Uh... Yeah... They're here too..."