“Shoo, fly! Don’t bother me!..”

I don’t know if they make kids sing that song any more, but it’s seared into my memory.

This comic is a continuation of the mini storyline featuring Jack and a baby fly.  The first comic is “Maggots”.

In other news, I’ve been composing a little song on an iPhone app called Garage Band.  About six months or more ago I needed a way to make cheap and dirty music for my WIP videos.  Carlos Pesina showed me the app and I was goofing around with it one day with Luna.

She loved it and started plunking on the keyboard.  Suddenly she popped out a series of chords that actually sounded good!  I recorded the riff and added a second half to it. That was the beginning of the tune I’ve been putting together.

I’ve been adding drums, guitar, and little vocal snippets of luna saying random things as well as bug-related stuff.  It’s really cute.

I’ll post it online when it’s done.

In other news, Skitter fans who offered to help distribute the new Skitter flyers have been getting them in the mail!


Skitter flyers Sargoun

Matt K…


Mike and Rhiannon M…


Michael N…

Skitter Flyer Michael


Skitter Flyer Gavan

Thanks for the help, guys!

If any of you OTHER Skitter fans woud like to help pass these out to your friend and family, just email me with your mailing address at skittercomic@gmail.com


( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Sargoun H! )


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