I love strawberry jellybeans.  I kinda love ALL jellybeans.  Jelly Bellies are great, but DAMN have you ever tried those Starburst ones?

Anyway, Luna is not allowed to eat strawberry ANYTHING… except actual strawberries.  WHY?…

Red Dye 40

Some kids are incredibly sensitive to it.  It turns kids into Tasmanian devils. And Luna totally goes looney tunes. So when she asks for a gummy bear or a sucker… or a jelly bean… we make sure she doesn’t get a red one.

See the above comic strip for an example of why.

John Vogel



↓ Transcript
Mmmmmm. I love strawberry jellybeans-
Nuh-Nuh Nuh-Nuh Nuh-Nuh Nuh-Nuh
Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing
Jibby Jibby Gulk!
Red dye 40