Swear to God, every time I hear someone refer to “The WHO” with regard to the coronavirus, my brain immediately flashes to the rock band.

Regarding the pandemic, I go to the grocery store maybe once a week and each time I see more people wearing masks.  Initially I was the only one.  Then, I’d see a few.  Then maybe 25%.  Now I’m probably seeing closer to 40%.  People are finally taking it seriously.

I located a couple N95 masks I bought a couple years ago.  Why the hell do they make the filters pink?  Why not a more manly black?  Or even white?  My original mask was black.  People looked at me funny for wearing it.  Now masks are accepted, and I’m still being looked at funny because of these big pink circles on my face.

Trend-setters like me forever deal with ridicule.

John Vogel