“Web And Roll” is a strip I did for Skitter Patreon supporter named Matt who asked what it would take to get himself drawn into a Skitter comic.  He was at the $1 level. I suggested he simply up his pledge a bit.  He upped it to $10!  Blown away by his awesomeness, I rushed to crank out this Skitter comic strip featuring Matt and his guitar.   

Any current supporters at $10 and up are also entitled to this offer.  Just ask!
Pretty cool reward, huh?  You’re immortalized in a comic strip! AND at the $10 pledge level, you already get a high rez copy of any strip you want!  Of course you’ll want a copy of the strip you were featured in so you can print it out and hang up at work! Wouldn’t your friends be blown away? 

John Vogel white

( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Matt K… of course )