GypsyGYPSY the moth

SEX: Female

AGE: If you don’t know by now that you should never ask a female her age, you are officially being educated. This goes double for moths. Triple for Gypsy. Just avoid this land mine.



LIKES: Gypsy likes everything and everyone. Or so she would like the world to believe. She’s a hippie.  An aura-chaser.  Dare it be said… a tree hugger…

negative Energy

Passing Through

DISLIKES: Though she has been known to gossip about others, Gypsy hates gossip about herself.


Also, Gypsy is none too fond of bug collectors.


POLITICS: Being an aura-chasing, tree-hugging hippie, naturally Gypsy leans to the political left.  Especially when running for office.

If Elected

Gypsy is also at the forefront of women’s issues.

Breast Cancer

Lawyer Up

MISCELLANEOUS: Gypsy is the polar opposite of Jack. The female to his male. The left to his right.  The yin to his yang… or is it yang to his yin?  I dunno.  I’m not chinese. You get the picture.

Liberals Vs. Conservatives

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