SKITTER_character card_ChipCHIP the cricket

SEX: Male

AGE: Chip is an adult, but probably not as old as Jack the spider.  Or maybe he is.  Or maybe he’s older. Does it really matter?  He’s a cricket.  Crickets are the chickens of the bug world.  He’s a gonner. Say your goodbyes while you have the chance…





SKITTER - Along Came A Spider

SPECIES: As mentioned, Chip is a cricket.  A prey species. The favorite food of predatory bugs like spiders as well as reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds.

SKITTER - Horrible Day

LIKES: Singing.  Like most crickets, Chip is a performer and embued with the gift of song.  Unfortunately, he should have kept the gift reciept…

The Cricket Bard

DISLIKES: Chip dislikes being considered food. But then, who would enjoy that?

Delicious and Nutritios

MISCELLANEOUS: At his core, Chip is a performer.  Not only vocally, but in many other forms of entertainment.

Sword Swallowing


My Body Is A Weapon

Jack’s body is a weapon



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