When I was a kid I had some pet crickets that… started eating each other. My fault.  I didn’t feed them. Plus, I think crickets are carnivores, which I didn’t know at the time.

Anyway, this one cricket was the biggest and ended up eating all the others.  So, to ‘punish’ him, I put him in a toy net and locked him up in a freezer… where he promptly froze solid.  Later I sadistically left him out in the sun on an overturned cup – as if vultures would eat him or something.  (I was a kid.  Gimme a break….)

To my surprise… he thawed out and came back to life!!  I think I let him go… impressed by this miracle of science.

This comic strip kinda reminds me of when I once dealt justice to a bug.  That bug didn’t deserve it, but Jack probably does.

In other news… Skitter’s following on Twitter reached 800 this weekend!  Thanks for all your support and welcome aboard!



↓ Transcript

LUNA: "I got you now, you bad spider! Any last words?"
JACK: "Look, I didn't mean any harm! I was just havin' a little fun! Please! You gotta let me go! NO! WAIT! Don't let me go!"