“Heyyyy… uh… you…”

I’m really bad with names.  Really bad.  I’ve momentarily forgotten the names of people I’ve known for 20 years, and whom I see almost every day.  I’ll eventually recall their name, but it’s new people that I have the most difficulty with.

I think the issue is that, when I meet someone new, the language part of my memory is less active than the visual part.  Or maybe being intimidated by a new person turns off the name storage part of my memory.  Or maybe my brain is defective. Or maybe my brain is defective. Or maybe my brain is defective.

So I listened to an audio book called “Unlimited Memory “.   One of the tricks to recalling someone’s name is to create a little story about that person based on… well… anything: A situation, a physical description, whatever.  Context is easier to remember than the name all by itself.

I tried this method out and it works pretty well.  I met a guy recently whose name was Wesley.  I pictured him in a “Star Trek: Next Generation” uniform to connect him to Wesley on that show.

Now I’ll never forget Fred’s name as long as I live!

John Vogel white


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