TODAY’S COMIC: “Bill Murray Jesus”

The inspiration for Bill Murray Jesus came from XM Siruis Radio.  I was listening to a comedy channel and a comedian made some kind of weird vocalization that visually popped into my head as 70’s Bill trying to sing… as Jesus.  It seemed a funny idea to have him portray the Messiah in a 70’s SNL skit.  I even figured he must have done it.  It was just too perfect an idea. I Googled it and didn’t find anything.

So I guess I’m the first person to think of Bill Murray as Jesus




↓ Transcript
JACK: "Last night I dreamt that Bill Murray was Jesus..."
JACK: "This is heaven?"
BILL MURRAY: "That's a fact, Jack!"
CHIP: "If you've had a dose of the holy ghost... who you gonna pray to?"
GYPSY: "Bill Murray!!"