TODAY’S COMIC: “Eight-Legged Freak”

Jack is an eight-legged freak! Originally the design for Jack was just 2 arms and 2 legs.  When people saw it they all said he needed another pair of arms.  I agreed and now Jack has 4 arms and 2 legs.  Yet spiders have 8 limbs.  There’s now way I’m gonna clutter up my drawings with a ton of limbs, so I figured I’d ‘explain’ things with this strip.

I’ve never seen the movie with the same name.  I should check it out soon. My comic is about bugs, after all.




↓ Transcript
GYPSY: "You know, I thought spiders were supposed to have eight limbs."
JACK: "I do!"
GYPSY: "where are the other two?"
JACK: "It's easier just to show you..."
JACK: "Hey, you wanted to know."