Yes, lice…

I haven’t had lice since I was a little kid way back in the 70’s.  But 2017 will mark their return.

A couple days before Christmas, Kate was combing Luna’s hair after a bath and freaked out when she found one. Turns out we all had them to varying degrees.  Kate rushed out and bought some lice killing… stuff… and some shower caps. We all looked like the last panel in this strip.

As a side note… no matter how many times we nuked our heads with this lice killer, it never completely finished the job.  The lice combs were useless. And some lice have developed a resistance to the poison.

Luna’s school told me about a place called Nit Pickers that completely removed all the lice and eggs from our heads.  We are now lice free!

( yes we nuked our bedding and coats too )

What a nightmare,

John Vogel white