Yes, it’s been like a biblical series of plagues in our household the past 2 or 3 weeks.

First, Luna got the flu. Then we all had it.

Second, she had a nasty cold. Then we all had it ( and still do ). This cold is evil.

Third, Luna got an earache and needed antibiotics, which cleared up her cold. ( but we still have it )

Fourth, the Great Lice Epidemic of 2017. Initially we thought it came from Luna and her preschool like the previous plagues, but it turns out it came from Luna’s stepsister who slept at a friends house 2 months ago… A friend who had lice.

Fifth, due to the antibiotics – and we just learned that because of all the chocolate we’ve been feeding her over the holidays – Luna got a UTI.

Sixth, I got some kind of a skin rash that seems to recur when the weather gets cold and dry.

And finally, not that this is a plague, but when I washed my coat after having our lice removed, I forgot to remove my car keys from the pocket. My car’s alarm suddenly went off and I had to race to the basement, grab the wet key thingy out of the washing machine, and jam the key into the ignition to shut off the alarm. My key thingy is now hosed. I can’t lock the doors with it anymore. Luckily I have a spare. But replacing the broken one will cost $250.

Yep! $250

It’s been a rough 2 or 3 weeks.

[ UPDATE: This was originally posted on Patreon in December.  It is now February 7th and I still have a cough and just today developed a sore throat.  Screw you, winter! ]

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