This is based on a real moment we had at Kate’s birthday dinner.  We were at a sushi place, if you must know. Luna was being very energetic and at one point started repeating “Mommy Mommy Mommy”.  It reminded me of the horror movie “Candyman”, where if you say his name three times in the mirror, he shows up… and I guess he kills you.

This is also the first apperance of Kate: Mother of Luna, Fiancèe of John, Wonder Woman.  I hope she likes how I drew her. She’ll kick my ass if she doesn’t.


Sorry I didn’t add anything new to the Patreon account this weekend.  I was behind on creating comics and had to spend all my time drawing.  HOWEVER… I’ll have 4 new comics ready to post there; Comics that you Patreon supporters get to see way before everyone else.  I’ll also have new Patreon-exclusive Skitter avatars, pencil art, and WIP images.

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John Vogel

John Vogel