“Comfy Pillow”

This comic was inspired by the real Luna. She has a pillow shaped like a square turtle that she uses in our bed as I try to get her to sleep each night. I call it the “Comfy Pillow”.

When she finally passes out, I put her in her own bed and I put the comfy pillow back with her stuffed animals.

Usually she wakes up again at about 4 or 5 am and I carry her back to our bed to sleep the rest of the morning.

One time I laid her in our bed and tucked her under the covers. Then, in a suffering, pathetic sort of voice, she reached up and croaked, “Comfy pillow…”

It cracked me up.  Imagine someone dying of thirst in a hot, dry desert pleading for “water…”   That’s what it was like.  Only in her case, her plea was for even more comfort than she already had.

John Vogel white

( This comic’s Patreon “Special Thanks” goes to Nikki H! )

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SKITTER AVATARS_Comfy Pillow_Luna1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Comfy Pillow_Luna2_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Comfy Pillow_Luna3_50