Can things in Chicago get any more “taxing”?

↓ Transcript

NEWSBUG: "The city of Chicago has imposed a new Netflix Tax on their residents... With me now are the officials responsible for the tax... Could you please explain to us the reason behind this seemingly... arbitrary taxation?":

OFFICIAL: "Gladly. You see, little bug, we was getting da monies from da movie rentals... Den Netflix muscles in and we ain't gettin' da moneys no more...So we tells Netflix subscribers it would be a shame if sumpin'...'Happened' to Netflix...Now we gets da moneys"

NEWSBUG: "S what you're saying is: To cover for your own budgeting ineptitude, you're creating new taxes out of thin air. What's next?... A tax on webcomics?"

CITY OF CHICAGO: "You wanna read dis panel?... Pay da tax. Dat goes for dis one too... Pay up. Double Tax on second-to-last panels... Hand it over. You likes da funny pictures, huh?... Be a shame if sumpin' 'happened' to 'em..."