Oooooh!  I’m getting all political!

Meh… Not really…

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↓ Transcript

NEWSBUG: "... And with a lead of 10% over his competitors, he is clearly the one to beat in the Republican Primaries..."

JACK: "That's ma boy!"

GYPSY: "Bleh... I HATE conservatives!... We Liberals are better! We believe climate change is real!"

JACK: "We conservsatives believe climate change is real too... we call it 'weather'"

GYPSY: "Liberals believe in immigration amnesty!"

JACK: "Conservatives believe i the old-school philosophy of 'Hey, no cuts!'"

GYPSY: "Liberals think guns shoud be banned!"

JACK: "Conservatives think liberals should be banned!"

GYPSY: "Liberals think the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression!"

JACK: "Conservatives think the 'Dukes of Hazzard' was an awesome 80's TV show!"

GYPSY: "You too?"

JACK: "Uh... Yeah... and that the general Lee was the greatest car EVER!"

GYPSY: "I.. loved how it always went airborne..."

JACK: "... Deedle doot-doot-doodle deedle deet-deet deedle...: