“Finish Her”

So I finally got around to doing a strip related to my day job.  I have to be careful not to cross the line and directly reference the games I worked on… for legal reasons.  If I do, my employer might revoke my ability to do Skitter.

So, you might be wondering if I’ve exposed the REAL Luna to violent video games.  The answer is “yes”.  She’s played “Injustice 2”… or rather Kate has played it and Luna holds a controller pretending to be the computer opponent.  It’s pretty cute.

I don’t know where I stand yet on kids and violent video games.  I realize that kids can be easily influenced.  One of Luna’s sisters was playing GTA a few weeks ago and Luna zeroed in on the profanity, reciting all the bad words.  We turned the volume off so she wouldn’t pick up any more.  But as for the violence, I’m not convinced yet that – in general – kids will play violent video games and then commit attrocities.  But ya never know.

I think I’m gonna let Luna play MK unless she starts punching kids in the nuts like Johnny Cage .  Then again, I might cheer her on.


John Vogel white


American Flag

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