Honey I Shrunk The Kid

I needed a strip that brought Luna home but still small-sized and unbeknownst (is that really a word?) to her daddy… a.k.a….me. This way Luna could keep the ‘shrink watch’ a secret for a while.   Or maybe forever.  We’ll see.

This opens up new possibilities for what I can do with Luna and the bugs.  I don’t know yet what’s to come, but I like where it’s headed.


Skitter Mug…

Sitter Mug Logo_100

In other news, last weekend (2017-03-25) I attended the Schaumburg Library comic con to promote Skitter and accumulate a few email and snail-mail sign-ups.  Those who subscribed were entered into a drawing to win a Skitter mug.  The winner was Jon C!  Congratulations, Jon!

You can watch the actual drawing HERE

This weekend I posted a page to the Skitter web site explaining the importance of signing up for Skitter email.  It’s a way for readers to get updates even if other social media services like Twitter or Facebook fall out of popularity.

Soon I’ll be doing an “email drive” to encourage Skitter fans like you to sign up.  I’m planning on sending everyone who subscribes a Skitter magnet. I’ll be sending the magnet to current subscribers like you as well.

World Famous!

I forgot to post this pic last week.  It was taken at a comic con in the Netherlands the same day as the con I attended in Shaumburg.  Meet cosplayer Bell Mbintsam! Special Thanks to Jasper Piena for taking this pic (and for handing her a Skitter flyer).

Bell Mbintsam

That’s it for now!

John Vogel white

( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Nigel C! )