This is one of the oddest strips I’ve done, but it’s become one of my favorites.

Originally the joke was simply the punch line: “How did she know our name was ‘You Guys?'”

It was already kinda funny for 2 reasons:

  1. Clearly nobody’s name is “You Guys”
  2. The idea that 2 peopke have a collective name

I’ve laughed at the collective-name-thing before on thd YouTube channel FGTeeV where ‘Duddy’ says, “We are your king!”.

But something was missing.  What else could I do to spice things up? Add another level of humor?

Then I asked the question, “What funny thing were Luna and I doing when we were interrupted by the call to dinner?”

The answer?…

Kicking the shit out of each other.

When this idea popped into my head, I instantly started to laugh.  That’s usually a good sign.

So I went with it.  To me, the real joke is me and Luna fighting. A full grown adult prepping a punch to the face of a little girl is so shocking, it’s funny.  But the little girl prepping to slam an adult in the face with a baseball bat while being held aloft by her shirt is JUST as funny.

Maybe it offends you.  I don’t care.  It cracks me up.

John Vogel