TODAY’S COMIC: “Seat Belts”

With “Seats Belts” Jack shows once again how versatile he can be with his webs. I think part of the fun of writing “Skitter” is trying to come up with new ways he can utilize those sticky strands that come out of his butt.  So far, he’s used them as a regular web, catching a shrunken Alice – he’s used them as a weapon, spraying Martin the cockroach in the mouth – and he’s floated gently to the ground with a parachute web.  What will he come up with next?!


This past week was very busy for me. My daughter turned 2 and I had to deal with her party stuff.  I also wasted all day Saturday with Best Buy trying to upgrade my laptop hard drive to a solid state drive – which has yet to be completed – so I can whip out more WIP videos for you $5 Patreon patrons. I also ran out of ink in my printer.  This means I haven’t sent the Skitter stickers to you newer email subscribers yet.  My goal is to get it done this weekend.  I really appreciate that you guys have subscribed to Skitter email and I wan’t you to get your stickers ASAP!


The Skitter iPhone app was all finished and submitted, but it got dinged by Apple for having a donation feature included, meaning Patreon. This means I need to remove that button and resubmit.  I was really hoping to have this thing on your phones by now, but oh well. Another thing I’ll have to get done this weekend.


Thanks for being a Skitter fan!



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DR. POO: “There ain’t none, Kid!”

JACK: “Chill out… the spider’s got this…”


JACK: “See? Just like seat belts!”

LUNA: “This is NOTHING like seat belts!!”