Welcome to the first “Skitter” comic! Let’s see where I can take this thing. This is actually a reboot of the original comic strip.  After creating about 50 strips, I came to the painful realization that it sucked.  I changed the main character to Jack the spider, dropped the long-form story in favor of a gag-a-day format, and created this strip featuring Alice In Wonderland to set things in motion.  Some of the original strips made it in the reboot – I tried to rework them to fit – but a lot will never be seen.

Probably for the best!  lol!

Coincidentally, today is also the release date for “Mortal Kombat X“… the tenth Mortal Kombat game.

I’ve been working on MK’s as an artist and story writer since the first game in 1992 .

For the record, “Skitter” has nothing to do with MK.


Enjoy the comic!




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JACK: “Oh noooo… Looks like someone chose POORLY…”

↓ Transcript
JACK: "Oh noooo... Looks like someone chose POORLY..."