I guess it makes sense that a kid’s imaginary friend can’t be very far from him/her.  It would probably have to be within think-shot of the kid.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if some day technology was so advanced we could capture our imaginary friends like Pokemon and trade them with our playground friends?


A couple weekends ago I uploaded a lot of stuff to the Skitter Patreon account.  It’s all stuff you guys are paying for.  Problem is, every time I upload something, Patreon sends you guys an email.  Some of you probably got more than 15 emails.

If you’re like me… and I know you are… you hate spam.  I don’t want to be spammy, so I contacted Patreon. They said there is no way for me to post something and NOT send an email, but there IS a way for you subscribers to turn off email notifications from me.  That might be a good idea.  I won’t be upset if you do.  I’ll still be announcing new content through social media and you can always just log into Patreon to check for anything new.

There is another option, however.  At the beginning of each month, I could just upload the files to Dropbox and post a link to that directory for you to browse.  That means one email for each category of content per month.  Early comics?  One email.  Pencil art?  One email.  Videos?  One email.  That’s way better than 15+ emails in one week.

I guess what I’m asking is to please have a little patience with me as I figure things out.

Anyways… enjoy today’s comic!



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↓ Transcript

JACK: "Can Gary play at our house today?"

LUNA: "I don't think imaginary friends can be very far from their kid. Why?"

JACK: "Nevermind..."