We’d been hearing about all the controversy regarding “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.  We didn’t know WHAT the controversy was, but Kate and I finally got to see the movie for ourselves last Sunday (a week ago).

I gotta say, as I was watching it, I was havin’ a blast.  Halfway through, I was happy because I knew there was still so much more to see. 
When we left the theater, both of us felt like the naysayers were just being jerks.  
But then we started digesting the movie… thinking about it.  The more we thought, the more we started to realize that it was really badly written. Lots of holes. Character flaws. It started to get scary.
I’m not talking about the criticism regarding strong females instead of males,  that wasn’t an issue for me.  I’m not talking about the humor.  That wasn’t an issue either.  What bothered me was just that stuff just didn’t make sense. 
I think I might let Chip do a movie review of “SW: The Last Jedi” to see what he thinks.  Judging by this comic strip, I’m guessing he doesn’t like it.

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