TODAY’S COMIC: “Fixer Upper”

When I posted “Fixer Upper” to Voat, there was a guy who simply did not get what was going on. He did get some ribbing from other readers. In case you are that guy visiting this page… It’s a Sunday comic strip real estate space previously owned by none other than Calvin and Hobbes.

Conversely… this strip did really well on Reddit.  IN YO’ FACE, guy from Voat!

My personal favorite part of the strip are the melted snowmen.  Spaceman Spiff was an iconic element, but those snowmen were hilarious. I don’t think a comic strip has ever made as many people laugh as when they made an appearance.







REAL ESTATE AGENT: “Ok, so I realize you’re not syndicated, but I thought you might like to see this used sunday-sized strip. It’s a fixer-upper. there’s a lot of wear and tear. it’s been vacant for years, but-”
JACK: “I’ll take it!”