I had a hard time with “Ridiculous Costumes”.  I’m still not sure this is the best joke for the idea.

Originally the idea was that Jack would dress up for Halloween in his ‘Man-Spider’ costume.  Luna would grow him to human size and they would trick-or-treat together. The joke was that it was a scary costume because he looked like a naked man walking down the street.

I still think its a funny idea, but I didn’t feel confident with it just yet.  Maybe next year.

So, I changed the idea to Jack and Luna dressing as each other.  The joke was that they insulted each other by how they described those costumes.  “Scary” was the original description.

The problem was that, although ‘scary’ might offend Luna, it wouldn’t offend Jack.  Really nothing would offend Jack.  So I went with ‘ridiculous’.  Maybe that word would give him pause.


John Vogel


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