TODAY’S COMIC: “Free Speech”

“Free Speech” was inspired by my serious hatred for protestors. Not that I think people shouldn’t protest things.  Protesting is fine, but not when they are dicks about it; when they want to STOP whatever the other side is trying to say because THEY have deemed it the wrong idea.

When I see people sneakin’ into rallies of their opposition and causing a disruption… it pisses me off.  Doesn’t matter to me what side it is, if you show up just to shut people down… you’re a dick… tator.

UPDATE 2016-08-04:

Someone on Reddit commented that I don’t understand the meaning of “protest”.  I disagree.  Let me clarify…

If people protest something by holding their own get-together… that’s fine.  If they protest outside an event like a speech or political rally… that’s fine with me too.  If someone is giving a speech or holding a rally and someone shouts that speaker down in an attempt to stop the speech from continuing or happening in the first place… that’s bad.

That’s what dictators do.  They snuff out the opposition.

On a lighter note…


Check out this fan art created by Skitter fan @ZePuckishRogue! THANKS! This is AWESOME!