TODAY’S COMIC: “Stop The Hate”

I really timed “Stop The Hate” well, posting it during the Democratic National Convention. It wasn’t intentional. Just how it worked out. But with the DNC as crazy as it was on its first day, Bernie supporters chanting at speakers, this comic seems appropriate.

This idea came to me as I was trying to think of Trump-ish things for Jack to support.  Obviously “The Wall” is a big issue.  So Jack could put up “The Web”.  But against who?

Asian beetles are a serious problem in my area. Tons of trees have had to be cut down to stop the spread of these foreign insects.  And there you have it.  Let’s keep the Asian beetles out!


There are only 2 more election-themed comics scheduled.  After that, things go back to normal gags.  You don’t have to wait!  You can see them now on Patreon!  I uploaded 2 just this weekend!