TODAY’S COMIC: “I Love Ladybugs”

I love ladybugs too.  They’re probably the only bug on Earth that I would allow myself to be covered in and wouldn’t feel threatened by or creeped out by at all. I would bathe in ladybugs. Take a ladybug shower.

I’m starting to sound like Jack…


I finished the new Skitter Patreon promo video this weekend. Give it a view and be amazed by my acting prowess!



The Skitter iPhone app is working well! Many of you have already downloaded it and have been giving me some positive feedback. To me, it’s as important as this web site.  Maybe more so. I’ve started the process to get the Android version up and running so more of you can get your Skitter fix wherever you may be!

Thanks for visiting! See you Thursday!

– John


DERMOT LONGLEGS: “But, Jack, your campaign is having difficulty with the ladybug demographic. Polls show an almost complete wash-out. How can a spider expect to reverse this trend?”

JACK: “Look, I love ladybugs.  Nobody loves ladybugs more than I do.  I love their… Chewy legs… sweet bodily fluids… chewy legs… ladybug lasagna… ladybug tacos… ladyburgers… ladybrats…